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Sugar Plum Bakery TrainingIn 1990 Virginia’s Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) vended Sugar Plum Bakery as a provider of rehabilitative services, enabling DRS Support Coordinators to refer individuals to Sugar Plum Bakery for services including:

Work Adjustment:
General employment skills training lasting anywhere from one to three months. Learn More!

Situational Assessment:
Skills assessment to determine employment strengths and needs. Learn More!

Job Development:
Process of looking for employment, including filling our applications and going to interviews. Learn More!

Long Term Employment Support Services:
Continued support to assist clients and employers with any situation that may arise which could jeopardize employment. Learn More!

In 2007 Sugar Plum Bakery was awarded its first 3 year CARF accreditation. Click here for more information about this accreditation.